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One of the greatest maps of all time on your iPhone and iPad. Navigate the Rome of today with this map from 1748.

Navigating with a map that is more than 200 years old, why would I do that?

historic Rome plan on the Apple iPad

It's useful

Despite its age, this map is still very valid for most parts of the Roman center. Of course some changes are observable, but Rome is an old city and the historic center didn't change all that much (as you will see when using the app).
Basically what is an important tourist attraction in the Rome of today in most cases was already important at the time of Giovanni Battista Nolli.

The position of Giambattista Nolli's map in the city of today

It's fun

It is quite entertaining to find your way with this app.
Pedestrian navi­gation is very dif­fer­ent to navi­gating in a ve­hicle. You don't have to know every street or turn, just go into the right direction.
And you will dis­cover a lot of inter­esting things that might not have caught your attention using a dif­ferent map.

The position of the vatican city and the historic city center of Rome in Giovanni Battista Nolli's map

It's instructive

By using this app you can learn a lot about the city, how it changed and where the "eternal" features are lo­cated, those that didn't change.
See more than others, enhanc­ing your view with this extra­ordinary historic document.

A glimpse at Giambattista Nolli's historic Rome plan

The Nolli Map

When Giambattista Nolli released his “Nuova Topografia di Roma” (New Topography of Rome) in 1748 after 12 intense years of surveying and en­graving, it instantly became the reference representation of the eternal city – and remained it for centuries.

Fine detail

Pantheon details on the historical map

This map is incredibly detailed and feature rich and con­tains among others churches, an­tique sites, aque­ducts, obelisks, foun­tains, tow­ers, public build­ings, palaz­zoes and the city walls.
Hundreds of buildings are de­pict­ed with their ground floor, terrain slopes are repre­sented by hatches.
With Nolli app you get this great detail and graphics other maps don't provide.

All Digital

Pantheon overlay that shows the old and current Rome together

The 12 original map sheets have been seamlessly merged into one big map. All 1320 numbered features and the struc­ture of the two original indices have been digitized and inte­grated.
The projection has been adapted to allow for overlay comparison with the current situation.

Hires offline map

Piazza Navona is one of the Great places with high detail like church plans

All historic map data is inte­grated for offline use in high resolution so you don't require an internet connection for brows­ing the Nolli map.
Save on roaming costs.

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